So I discovered the Remnants bin at Joann while waiting for my number to be called to get fabric cut (good grief they have to have numbers they’re so busy). Oh dear. More fabric. It’s awesome because I got a ton of great fabric at 50% off! Including some great velours, tweeds and corduroys for Autumn projects. ‘Cause, you know, who couldn’t always use more fabric!?!? My fabric trunk is officially full. And fulfilling 😉


Happy Birthday, Sucker

Sometimes birthdays aren’t the bucolic days we experienced as kids. Sometimes that day sucks. Or that week. Or that month.

So instead of celebrating my own unremarkable milestone, let’s see how another blogger, Hey! Jen Renee, reflects on the things she’s learned in her 35 years:

Thirty-five things I’ve learned on the way to becoming thirty-five. 

I’ve learned that we are all in the middle of some kind of story.
I’ve learned that Iowa is not so bad. I kind of like it here.
I’ve learned that if you don’t try, you’ll never win.
I’ve learned to think before I speak. Most of the time.
I’ve learned that you can’t live up to Pinterest. (You just can’t.)
I’ve learned to take photos. You can never take too many photos.
I’ve learned that when in doubt, wear black.
I’ve learned to tread lightly.
I’ve learned that there is plenty of room in my heart for two kids. Plenty.
I’ve learned that everything is going to be alright. Stressing too much is wicked.
I’ve learned to feel pretty. Whether I’m in a Vans t-shirt or a Jason Wu dress.
I’ve learned to say ‘yes.’ And I’ve learned to say ‘no.’ Mostly.
I’ve learned to enjoy. And not to hold back.
I’ve learned that life is too short to waste being insecure.
I’ve learned to embrace my beliefs. And that you can believe in God and listen to heavy metal and support gay marriage.
I’ve learned how to lose.
I’ve learned what true friendship is. And that good girlfriends are pure gold.
I’ve learned how to hold babies.
I’ve learned how to throw birthday parties.
I’ve learned that you can’t always get what you want.
I’ve learned that giving feels good.
I’ve learned that when you find your match, you will know it. And you will be so lucky.
I’ve learned to be comfortable in my skin. As much as I possibly can.
I’ve learned that you have to keep growing.
I’ve learned to give a little.
I’ve learned that no matter how old I get, I can always count on my dad calling me to sing ‘happy birthday.’
I’ve learned that adequate sleep and a hot shower cures all.
I’ve learned to be sensitive.
I’ve learned that the internet is a strange and wonderful thing.
I’ve learned to be the love I feel.
I’ve learned to live on purpose.
I’ve learned that the years fly by but sometimes the afternoons are endless.
I’ve learned that music can heal. The right song can make you soar. Even Pantera. On the right day.
I’ve learned that is never hurts to be great. Especially when you can be badass.
I’ve learned that there is so much to learn. It never ends.

Happy Birthday, Sucker

Teeny Tiny Earrings


Aren’t these the most precious little skulls you’ve ever seen? These darling earrings are small enough that they will be subtle, but for the person curious enough to get a closer look, they will be a funny little surprise!

Did I mention I got my ears pierced? As a full-grown adult. It’s been fun finding new earrings to try. And I’m even making some! More to come on that soon.

They came from the Etsy shop Ringostone, which has a ton of cute, subtle jewelry (most of which are not skulls).

Teeny Tiny Earrings

My Fair Lady

Asheville’s French Broad Chocolate Lounge (a favorite destination of mine) asked its Facebook followers to comment on their post for a chance to procure some of their delectable chocolate. Locals were to write about what chocolate means to them (see my older “Chocolate is Important” post) and out-of-towners were asked to describe their city, what makes it unique.

FBCL’s eclectic truffles. Photo courtesy FBCL, Facebook.

I may have left a bit of a long reply, but it really got me thinking about why Atlanta is special. It’s easy to complain about the traffic, the sprawl, the rough neighborhoods (I could go on), but to focus on the great in the context of French Broad Chocolate Lounge’s philosophy was a refreshing turn of cheek for me. My response:

Atlanta native, here; just a few short miles from my beloved FBCL (your chocolate makes me swoon). Atlanta is a city that is coming into her own. We have embraced the farm to table movement, supporting wonderful local producers of meats, cheeses, produce and yes, chocolate! We have followed Asheville’s example and supported local craft breweries into success beyond our fair city, and our cocktail slingers are among the best in the country, redefining custom tinctures and elevating the adult beverage. We’ve been placed firmly on the map of foodie destinations. And I’ve watched it all happen right before my eyes!

What do you love about your city?

My Fair Lady

I can finally show you!!!!!!!!!

First, let me tell you – cross stitching is way more laborious than embroidery, and much less like drawing as well.

I’ve been working on this cross stitch pattern for my cousin and his new bride for…like, six months. Good grief. They eloped in Nashville and got married by a man dressed as Elvis. What better gift than a kitschy TCB cross stitch? That’s the King’s personal motto: Taking Care of Business. With a lightning bolt. Heck yes.

The final, framed piece.

I printed the logo (which I ganked off the interwebs), cut it out, and used a tracing pencil to outline the pattern onto black cross stitch fabric. It was verrrry challenging, but so worth it.

Transferring with the stencil I made.
General shape has been colored in.

I figured out that if I held the hoop above a small light table I could see each hole in the grid of the black fabric. That was a life saver, and also when I really started trucking. Despite having to unstitch an entire letter T at one point, it really did go pretty smoothly, it just took for-e-ver.

Over a light table, the grid is very obvious.
Shiny gold thread for the letters!

Ta da! A black frame with offset white matts gussies it right up.

I can finally show you!!!!!!!!!