Pit Boss BBQ

In the location of the old Harold’s Barbecue on Hwy 54 in Jonesboro is a different BBQ venture, Pit Boss. With an original location in Hapeville, their menu is expansive, including smoked wings, turkey, burgers, and sides like fried green beans in addition to mac ‘n cheese and collards. It’s pretty good food.

We got the babyback ribs, mac ‘n cheese, collard greens, stew and these loaded fries (can’t find the name on the online menu). The ribs had a ton of flavor and were pretty tender, though I’ve had juicier. The collards were cooked just right, and the mac ‘n cheese was addictive. Cheesy, not goopy.

I’m not a big stew person, and theirs is of the potato variety, so I didn’t even try it. The loaded fries were kind of amazing, covered in cheese and chopped pork, and the sweet sauce on the table.

Three cheers for the South Side getting some great grub!

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Pit Boss BBQ

Brit’s Scotch Egg


This is a Scotch Egg. It is delicious. It came from a warm and bright pub in St. Paul, MN. The fried cod sandwich was not so good. The bread wasn’t special, and between the fluffiness of that and the cheese, lettuce and tomato, it was hard to find any fish.

But the place was lively, the conversation energetic and intellectual, and the service was great.

Get the Scotch egg.

Brit’s Scotch Egg

Peaches ‘n Cream


In addition to cooking fancy Pork ‘n Beans yesterday, J and I also made ice cream! He got an ice cream maker for his birthday and we finally got around to using it. I fell in love with Jeni’s pear sorbet in Nashville, and so jumped at the chance to purchase her recipe book.

The Basic Vanilla recipe called for the unusual addition of cream cheese. Her recipes also call for sugar as well as corn syrup. I couldn’t find any so we used honey instead.


The results definitely had the distinct tang of cream cheese, but I really liked it. It was almost like a cheesecake ice cream. There were tiny bits of cream cheese that didn’t melt completely and they were pleasant to come across occasionally.

We also pulled some of last year’s peaches out of the freezer and cooked them down, along with some brown sugar and honey, to create a syrup topping. The sliced peaches took on an attractively dense, chewy texture, and the sweetness complimented the ice cream in a delightful way.

This was a huge success. I wouldn’t use this recipe every time we made ice cream, but it’s got a gourmet quality to it that makes me feel very accomplished, especially with the peach syrup. Fancy!


Peaches ‘n Cream

Pork ‘n Beans

Do you ever have those Sundays where you wake up obscenely early and scrub the entire house, or cook giant, complicated meals all day? Well I did both of those yesterday. It felt good to burrow myself into tasks.

One of the things I cooked was a skillet full of pork loin chops in a tomato sauce. It was inspired by this amazing chorizo skillet that I had at Gjelina in LA:

Gjelina chorizo poached egg skillet.

In my version, I browned the two huge pork loin chops, then nestled them in a bath of Rotel, tomato sauce, and several spices from the cabinet (red pepper flakes, cayenne powder, turmeric, garlic, etc.).

Then I tucked these weird fried okra pods into the liquid for some added salt and flavor.

Weird fried okra things.

It was pretty good. Oh, and I cooked a giant pot of Great Northern Beans to go with it.

I think there are a couple of things I would do differently next time. Namely, not overcook the pork. Luckily the liquid helped a great deal. I would also involve some amazing cream sauce like in the Gjelina version…and an egg 🙂

Pork ‘n Beans

Hi-Def Hot Dogs

Working in the tv industry, one begins to associate HD the Hi-Definition 16:9 video specs. So when I heard about HD1, the new hotdog place in town, that’s of course what I thought about. That and “what’s the 1 for?” (I have no idea).

Their dogs come in all sorts of combinations of locally-sourced meat and seasonal toppings. Check out their current menu for the season’s selections. I’ve been twice now (lunch was way less crowded than dinner), and had the same dog both times. The Classic has sour kraut (yes Dad, I’m eating sour kraut willingly) with yellow mustard.

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Hi-Def Hot Dogs


After breakfast in Hillsboro Village (Nashville), we hit up several shops along the main strip, then found a cute and quirky coffee shop, Hot & Cold, to grab a snack before we hit up the Parthenon.

While in line to get a hot chocolate and cider, I had to stare at beautiful and unique ice cream and sorbet flavors from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams.

Things like Salty Caramel, Wildberry Lavender, and Lime Cardamom. Reisling Poached Pear – “Light but surprisingly rich with pure pear flavor and a pleasantly grainy texture.” I love pears, their flavor and texture. The nice lady at the counter let me purchase just a kiddy cup of the pear sorbet along with my hot beverages. Holy Moses.

Their description was spot on. This was ethereal. Now this I would hunt down again on my next visit to Nashville.