Inspiring Reminders

Just when I start to feel like the things I’m making are all from someone else’s template or pattern (I am learning, after all), I run across something like Olympia Le-Tan’s collection and am reminded all over again how amazingly unique and clever craft can be.


Le-Tan recreates awesome, vintage book covers in felt and embroidery, then makes them into handbags! As a book-sale junky, I recognize many of the beautiful covers and titles. I’m so inspired to retreat to my little world and create.





Le-Tan also partnered with Spike Jonze to create a stop-motion short in a famous Parisian bookstore. Characters from book covers come to life and an adventure ensues. There is some innuendo, so not for the faint of prudent heart, but the animation and emotions conveyed are pretty fantastic.

‘To Die By Your Side’ (‘Mourir Auprès de Toi’, 2011) by Spike Jonze & Simon Cahn from Howard W. on Vimeo.

Inspiring Reminders

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