My Fair Lady

Asheville’s French Broad Chocolate Lounge (a favorite destination of mine) asked its Facebook followers to comment on their post for a chance to procure some of their delectable chocolate. Locals were to write about what chocolate means to them (see my older “Chocolate is Important” post) and out-of-towners were asked to describe their city, what makes it unique.

FBCL’s eclectic truffles. Photo courtesy FBCL, Facebook.

I may have left a bit of a long reply, but it really got me thinking about why Atlanta is special. It’s easy to complain about the traffic, the sprawl, the rough neighborhoods (I could go on), but to focus on the great in the context of French Broad Chocolate Lounge’s philosophy was a refreshing turn of cheek for me. My response:

Atlanta native, here; just a few short miles from my beloved FBCL (your chocolate makes me swoon). Atlanta is a city that is coming into her own. We have embraced the farm to table movement, supporting wonderful local producers of meats, cheeses, produce and yes, chocolate! We have followed Asheville’s example and supported local craft breweries into success beyond our fair city, and our cocktail slingers are among the best in the country, redefining custom tinctures and elevating the adult beverage. We’ve been placed firmly on the map of foodie destinations. And I’ve watched it all happen right before my eyes!

What do you love about your city?

My Fair Lady

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