I can finally show you!!!!!!!!!

First, let me tell you – cross stitching is way more laborious than embroidery, and much less like drawing as well.

I’ve been working on this cross stitch pattern for my cousin and his new bride for…like, six months. Good grief. They eloped in Nashville and got married by a man dressed as Elvis. What better gift than a kitschy TCB cross stitch? That’s the King’s personal motto: Taking Care of Business. With a lightning bolt. Heck yes.

The final, framed piece.

I printed the logo (which I ganked off the interwebs), cut it out, and used a tracing pencil to outline the pattern onto black cross stitch fabric. It was verrrry challenging, but so worth it.

Transferring with the stencil I made.
General shape has been colored in.

I figured out that if I held the hoop above a small light table I could see each hole in the grid of the black fabric. That was a life saver, and also when I really started trucking. Despite having to unstitch an entire letter T at one point, it really did go pretty smoothly, it just took for-e-ver.

Over a light table, the grid is very obvious.
Shiny gold thread for the letters!

Ta da! A black frame with offset white matts gussies it right up.

I can finally show you!!!!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “I can finally show you!!!!!!!!!

  1. It looks awesome and well done for sticking it out! I started a Lavender and Lace design for my sister’s wedding (it was in my youth ok, before the advent of cool cross stitch 😉 but those things are MASSIVE) . She’s just had her third child and has been married more than a decade… I don’t think I’m going to finish it now!

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