Observations From a Hotel Room

1. It’s like 30 degrees in here. The fan is off. The thermostat is on 70. I can’t feel my fingers.

2. The bathroom is 30 years old. This includes the toilet seat.

3. The bathroom smells like cigarettes. Nothing else in the room does.

4. The bathroom sink is a horrible user experience.

5. Charging $5 for a bottle of tap water is tantamount to stealing $5.

6. An expensive hotel having the gall to charge $10 a day for wifi – in 2012 – makes me a crazy person.

7. My bedroom at home is much darker at 5:30 in the morning. This is something I appreciate more now.

8. Does anyone ever use the other bed in a hotel room? It’s a flat surface so I cover every inch with papers and clothing.

9. People that scream at each other in hotel hallways at 3:00 in the morning should not be allowed to leave their homes. Everyone can hear you. FYI.

10. No one should try to clean my hotel room at 8:00 in the morning. This is never going to happen.

What are your favorite things about staying in hotels?

Observations From a Hotel Room

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