Pork ‘n Beans

Do you ever have those Sundays where you wake up obscenely early and scrub the entire house, or cook giant, complicated meals all day? Well I did both of those yesterday. It felt good to burrow myself into tasks.

One of the things I cooked was a skillet full of pork loin chops in a tomato sauce. It was inspired by this amazing chorizo skillet that I had at Gjelina in LA:

Gjelina chorizo poached egg skillet.

In my version, I browned the two huge pork loin chops, then nestled them in a bath of Rotel, tomato sauce, and several spices from the cabinet (red pepper flakes, cayenne powder, turmeric, garlic, etc.).

Then I tucked these weird fried okra pods into the liquid for some added salt and flavor.

Weird fried okra things.

It was pretty good. Oh, and I cooked a giant pot of Great Northern Beans to go with it.

I think there are a couple of things I would do differently next time. Namely, not overcook the pork. Luckily the liquid helped a great deal. I would also involve some amazing cream sauce like in the Gjelina version…and an egg 🙂

Pork ‘n Beans

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