Peaches ‘n Cream


In addition to cooking fancy Pork ‘n Beans yesterday, J and I also made ice cream! He got an ice cream maker for his birthday and we finally got around to using it. I fell in love with Jeni’s pear sorbet in Nashville, and so jumped at the chance to purchase her recipe book.

The Basic Vanilla recipe called for the unusual addition of cream cheese. Her recipes also call for sugar as well as corn syrup. I couldn’t find any so we used honey instead.


The results definitely had the distinct tang of cream cheese, but I really liked it. It was almost like a cheesecake ice cream. There were tiny bits of cream cheese that didn’t melt completely and they were pleasant to come across occasionally.

We also pulled some of last year’s peaches out of the freezer and cooked them down, along with some brown sugar and honey, to create a syrup topping. The sliced peaches took on an attractively dense, chewy texture, and the sweetness complimented the ice cream in a delightful way.

This was a huge success. I wouldn’t use this recipe every time we made ice cream, but it’s got a gourmet quality to it that makes me feel very accomplished, especially with the peach syrup. Fancy!


Peaches ‘n Cream

3 thoughts on “Peaches ‘n Cream

  1. This reminds me of Einstein’s deep fried peach poundcake with vanilla ice cream. You should try that if you haven’t already, it’s unreal. This sounds delicious too.

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