Little Resin Treasures


Experimenting with silicone molds, jewelry findings, polymer clay, and resin.

Clockwise from left:
• “The Studio”…also known as the dining room table.
• Cloth-lined pendant with button, needle and thread, all sealed in resin. I’m disappointed at the streaking in the fabric from the E6000 glue. I think I should have sealed the fabric with Mod Podge.
• Cloth-lined pendant sealed in resin. This fabric darkened a little under the clear resin, but the gold print and domed effect of the resin help brighten it.
• Silicone mold made from a rock, filled with clear resin and a small bit of moss embedded into it. I’m hoping this rock thing is really original…in a good way!
• Silicone mold made from an almond. Half filled with teal resin, then a tiny metal key added and filled the rest of the way with clear resin.
• Another rock mold, this one stuffed full of leaves, moss, petals, and sticks, then filled with clear resin. In theory the back and sides will be a rough, clear texture from the stone while the front is crystal clear…a window into a tiny world.

Fingers crossed! I hope these all turn out like I envision. Either way, lots of things learned this go around. Mostly that it’s easier than you think to make the stuff, harder than you think to make it good.

Little Resin Treasures

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