Hi-Def Hot Dogs

Working in the tv industry, one begins to associate HD the Hi-Definition 16:9 video specs. So when I heard about HD1, the new hotdog place in town, that’s of course what I thought about. That and “what’s the 1 for?” (I have no idea).

Their dogs come in all sorts of combinations of locally-sourced meat and seasonal toppings. Check out their current menu for the season’s selections. I’ve been twice now (lunch was way less crowded than dinner), and had the same dog both times. The Classic has sour kraut (yes Dad, I’m eating sour kraut willingly) with yellow mustard.

The bread is toasty crisp on the outside (is that butter I detect on my bun?) and shaped to stand upright while it holds the high-quality tube meat. The kraut is a well-done standard, and the mustard is nothing special. It’s a good balance of flavors, especially with the fries.

The first time I ordered the HD Waffle Fries, but lesson learned. While fries with maple syrup on them are novel, it’s not my favorite rendition. The second time I ordered the fries without the sauce, and they were kind of awesome. The texture was delectable. I’m not really a fry person, but these I would go back for.

I also ordered the house pickles both times. They’re a good briny variety (not sweet) that come in little baked bean pots. I can eat about two of them and then the sour gets to me. But those suckers went home with me.

The second time I went I ordered the Tommyknocker Root Beer, thinking it would be a soda with bite that would help cut the flavors of the meal. But it was kinda maple-y. In fact it had maple syrup in it. WTHeck with the maple syrup? It was a saturated flavor that didn’t work well with the meal. By the end of it I was trying to flag down a server and get a giant glass of water.

Speaking of servers: I like the fast-casual dining room (order at the counter, they bring it to your seat) but it seems like the second you get your food, they’re done with you. It was a chore to get their attention for the wifi password or a to-go container for my pickles. But I guess that’s what’s keeping the spot one of the best cheap eats in town.

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Hi-Def Hot Dogs

One thought on “Hi-Def Hot Dogs

  1. I have been wanting to check this place out for awhile. I would have to get either the Reuben or the Kenturkey. Did you notice if they had gluten free options for the bun?

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