Sampler Platter

Back in the day, young ladies would create Stitch Samplers to show off their handicraft in cross-stitch, embroidery, or sewing. Jenny Hart has a great modern stitch sampler pattern available through her book Embroidered Effects.

Today, creating a stitch sampler from your fancy new sewing machine is sort of essential to actually know what the thing can do. The variety of stitches alone is a little overwhelming, but you can also customize each stitch by changing the width or length. One of the first things Deborah Moebes’ book, Stitch by Stitch, tells you to do is create a sampler.

So about a month ago (after having the book and the machine for two months) I finally got around to creating the sampler. Honestly, I think I was daunted because the machine didn’t do a good job of embroidering some letters back at Christmas. I just knew that either the machine was junk (unlikely) or that I was doing something wrong (likely). So I sat down and did some sample stitches, but quickly realized that something was indeed wrong once I got into the slightly fancy stitches.

Half an hour of reading later, I figured out I had miss-threaded my bobbin. That was it! 1-2-3 and it was fixed. Deborah exclaims in her book “You’re the boss!” telling readers not to let their machines intimidate them. Ha! To think I was actually being bullied by my own sewing machine.


Then I stitched my little heart out using some contrasty black thread on a cheap linen scrap. Now I’m officially EXCITED to sew cute stitches on things. If only I can find the time…

Sampler Platter

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