Soul Music Food

While trying to get to Third Man Records in Nashville recently – on foot – we got stuck on the wrong side of the railroad tracks quite literally. After an extra half mile of trekking, the grumps started to set in and I decided food was the answer. Obviously.

Our noses were already planted in our iPhone maps, so pulling up Yelp! for nearby recommendations was a snap. Arnold’s appeared at the top of the list with glowing recommendations. And oh my no wonder why. Comfort food at its best.

The cafeteria-style line did not diminish the cozy dining room. We both got the fried catfish and I got the turnip greens and white beans, and it came with a corn pone (cornbread pancake). I also got the pimento cheese toast. My dining companion got the mac n cheese and asparagus.

Everything was delicious. We ate every bite. Could it have been all the walking? Could it have been the hunger? Maybe, but it was gooood.

Soul Music Food

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