Breakfast at Jackson’s

Would you stand in this line? I don’t care how good Nashville’s Pancake Pantry’s pancakes are or how many flavors they come in, I’m not going to spend an hour of my life waiting to get in to wait for a table to wait for pancakes.

So we went to Jackson’s across the street…

It was crowded but we got a table quickly and our server was attentive. We ordered the corned beef hash scramble and the spinach-pepper-goat cheese omelet, which came with grits and a biscuit.

The hash was an unattractive pile of shaved beef, potato and egg, but it was pretty good.

The omelet was also tasty, and much prettier. Being a bistro, I would like to try the dinner menu. I’m not sure I would hunt it down the next time I’m in Nashville, but would certainly recommend it to someone who happens to be in the neighborhood.

Breakfast at Jackson’s

2 thoughts on “Breakfast at Jackson’s

  1. We ate at the Pancake Pantry a few years ago when the line wasn’t that bad. It was pretty good, but not anywhere near good enough to wait in a line like that. Pancakes are tough to screw up.

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