Bang Bang

One of our stops in Nashville included the Antique Archeology store from the History Channel show, American Pickers.

While the store ended up being more of a t-shirt shop than an antiques store, they did have Jack White’s old photo booth that he traded to them on the show. It can be yours for $5,500.

Next door to the shop was a great little candy maker called the Bang Candy Company. They specialize in handmade marshmallows with exotic flavors and flavoring syrups. We got a couple of mallows in blueberry with milk chocolate and lavender with dark chocolate, along with a couple of cups of hot chocolate. And an awesome t-shirt featuring a couple of six-shooters.

Bang Bang

One thought on “Bang Bang

  1. Sweet! I have read a lot about Bang Candy Co. but never got the chance to try out any of their goods. I know last year they had a hot chocolate truck that they drove around the city. Not sure if they still do, but what a great idea!

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