(Young) Augustine’s to the Rescue

You may have noticed that the food posts have been slim lately. Not only has my job kept me incredibly busy, but the winter makes me into a sort of hermit. When I wake up in the dark and leave work in the dark, I just want to go to sleep. Nevertheless, my valentine and I have been trying to go on a date. But between unexpected meetings, horrendous traffic, and police officers joyfully handing out “no right on red” tickets, it just hasn’t happened.

Tonight, under the threat of Mitt Romney shutting down midtown, we ducked out early and headed to Young Augustine’s. We’ve been once before and I have much trouble remembering the name of the place. They seem to have grown up and abandoned the “Young.”

Once there we made up for lost time by ordering way too much food for two people. It was delicious.

We started with an order of boiled peanuts. They were well-cooked and lightly seasoned. Just right.

I ordered the unapologetic Capitalist Pig Dog – an all-beef, nitrate-free hotdog on a toasted sesame bun…covered in pork belly…and a fried egg. The meaty pile was tasty, veering towards sweet, and very savory. It was good, but I would probably explore the rest of the menu next time around.

I broke up the protein with a side of brussels sprouts and cauliflower. The white rice that comes underneath the veggies was left in the bowl, but as a small meal, the combo could work well.

My sweetheart ordered the Fish and Chips. The tempura battered tilapia was really one of the better fried fishes I’ve had. It was a substantial piece of fish that had the positive neutral flavor good quality tilapia can have. The batter was light, crispy, and a good ratio with the fish. This lived on top of a massive pile of fries created in duck fat. No holds barred tonight, people. And clearly no calories counted. The mustard sauce it was served with cut the fried goodness well.

We arrived pretty early for an Atlanta dinner crowd so it was quiet. Despite the funky sour beer smell that permeates most pubs, the atmosphere was attractive and unpretentious. Throw in an excellent server and a handsome, charming dining companion and it was a great night.

More:  Augustine's on Urbanspoon

(Young) Augustine’s to the Rescue

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