Whip it up!

I have yet another hobby! Sewing!

Ok, you can’t really count machine sewing as a whole different hobby from embroidery, felting, felties and cross-stitch can you? (Did I mention I’m cross stitching something fantastic? Pics to come when it’s finished and delivered to its new forever home!) Sewing is inherently the bone structure of  a lot of these crafts, but it also has a depth all its own. It’s the gateway to creating functional fabric goodies with beautiful and quirky fabrics that I choose.

I’ve played on a sewing machine all my life, making little bags and attempting skirts. My mom’s 40 lb. Sears model is still running. But I’m certainly no formal sewer. It’s time I learned! So I bought my own mid-range machine and turned to the new book by Deborah Moebes: Stitch by Stitch.

The book moves, with a friendly and casual tone, from sewing basics to projects that get more complicated as your skills improve. It’s like a Sewing 101 course at my own pace. My first project (aside from cleaning out my “craft room” and installing my sewing table in said room) is to create a stitch sampler so I’ll know what my machine will actually do. Baby steps!

So Deborah Moebes also has a fabric store here in Atlanta, named Whipstitch like her blog and etsy store. How cool is that!? The author of my book has a brick-and-mortar filled with adorable fabrics and sewing notions. Awesome.

Baby steps or not, you know I had to visit and pick up some fabric. It was extremely difficult to decide on just a couple, but I knew immediately which couple it would be.

ADORABLE. And some fat quarters to match. (I know what that means now)

So I have like a yard of these precious fabrics and no plans for them. YET. Now I have to be a good student and actually buy solid fabric for my first project!

Whip it up!

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