Quirky Handmade Christmas

My two nieces have every toy under the sun, so for Christmas I decided to make them something instead of buying another toy. Last year Kaitlyn, my 3-yo niece, got a kitchen set for her birthday, so I made her a sandwich out of felt. Ashlyn, 1, got a funny doll with button arms. I attached each to their own pillow made of fun fabrics, with a handle made from a necktie. The felties were hand stitched while the pillows were sewn on my NEW sewing machine (sqee!). They were fun projects that allowed me to stretch my comfort zone.

Kaitlyn seemed to love hers, and knew exactly what it was. She grabbed it out of its little pocket and pretended to take a bite from it.


Ashlyn, on the other hand, was off to another present before we even blinked. But Kaitlyn ended up playing with her doll as well, singing Humpty Dumpty as she did.


Does this look like the face of a child with an attention span?

Quirky Handmade Christmas

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