I Was Crafty Before Crafty Was Cool

Just like being a geek has earned a certain amount of street cred (awesome Geek infographic by Mashable), being crafty is now the hotness. From felting to felties, embroidery, knitting, paper crafts, polymer clay and even metal clay jewelry, there are many creative outlets that don’t involve a brush or paint.

One of the really fun ways craft is being modernly interpreted is through urban art (often stealthy, unauthorized installations in the dead of night). I passed a tree on my way into work this morning that had been enrobed in a pink knitted sleeve overnight. “Urban Knitting” is a (somewhat controversial) joy to see in person.

Urban Knitting can occur anywhere! Image Credit: Fubiz via crookedbrains.net

Just like our current full saturation of geek culture, crafts are extremely available and convenient. Inexpensive starter kits and materials are abundant, free instructions and patterns are available online, and there is a craft to suit any personality. These aren’t your grandmother’s hobbies. They’ve been reinterpreted for a younger, edgier audience. Wow that makes me sound old. But it’s true. Gone are the days of embroidering teddy bears, replaced by knitted sushi, clay skulls and embroidered sailor tattoos. Sublime Stitching is one of my favorite destinations for rediculously awesome embroidery supplies, including patterns by some of my favorite artists!

"Tattoo Your Towels" embroidery pattern by Jenny Hart via Sublime Stitching.

Craft is so in right now that Target has a full line of Christmas ornaments straight from the sewing box. I pretty much freaked when I saw them. Did I buy them? No. Did I photograph them for inspiration? Heck yes.

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I Was Crafty Before Crafty Was Cool

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