Devil in the Details

In honor of National Deviled Egg Day this week (and in response to a personal craving), I whipped up some quick Deviled Eggs. *Side note: the “devil” in deviled eggs comes from an old recipe that includes adding a lot of spicy ingredients to the yolk.

It was around this time that I realized…I don’t really know how to boil and egg. It’s the age old joke – “She doesn’t even know how to boil an egg!” Upon further research I learned that, though while very simple, it’s no intuitive task. Dearest Martha explained it best in a few short instructions. I remember my mother telling me these things at some point…

By the way, they turned out beautifully. No gray edges, no rubbery whites. Lovely.

Much to my further chagrin, I didn’t have any mayo handy. Who buys mayo just to use a tablespoon every few months? So my recipe included spicy brown mustard, sea salt, cracked pepper and a dash of hot sauce. I topped them off with Creole Seasoning (couldn’t find the paprika) and a little turmeric for good health. I think I could have done without the salt, as the hot sauce added a lot of flavor.

But they were pretty good! Certainly satisfied my craving, and inspired me to boil more eggs in my future!

Devil in the Details

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