Nike Can Be Crafty

At least, this girl can make Nike crafty. I got this nifty little Nike+ sensor for my shoe that talks to my iPhone and the internets and tracks/records/charts my runs. I think the geek factor of tracking all of that info will keep me interested and goal-oriented. Which means I will be svelte in no time! Right?

But I don’t own Nike shoes, much less the special Nike shoes that fit the little doohicky in the sole. So I made a little pouch for it.

I think it’s precious. It reminds me a little of Finn’s backpack on Adventure Time. I was lamenting the fact that I would have to be less distracted by making things in order to fit in as much exercise as possible and this eased the bumness a bit.

It straps onto my shoelaces with velcro, so I can easily change shoes. And the pouch closes with velcro so I can easily remove the device if need be.

Nike Can Be Crafty

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