I love books. I always have. In design school, when we had to choose a business to rebrand, I chose an indie bookstore in the Pacific Northwest called Atticus Books that I found online. It was a beautiful package, with antiqued art nouveau influences and famous quotes scrawled across velum layers.

My book love is something I inherited from my parents. They took me to yard sales, flea markets and library sales and rummaged through boxes of books right along with me (my sister, who is now a doctor, sat in the car and sulked). It’s not only the amazing worlds presented, voices of the characters and authors, the information contained…it’s the feel of them. The beautiful covers, the paper choices, the typographic decisions. Nothing makes me more comforted than sitting in a big squishy chair surrounded by stacks and shelves of books. That’s one reason Dr. Bombay’s appealed to me so much.

So given this crush I have on books, I was drawn to the Borders going-out-of-business sale like the proverbial Atticus moth is drawn to a pyre of burning books. I was just going to peak inside, see what kind of selection was left. An hour later I had a stack of books that were at least 40% off the original price. First it was the bargain books (mini sketch books, a Dresden hardback, and an unknown that looks interesting), marked down even more than usual. Then I thought about the graphic novel section (Mouse Guard!), knowing it’s often hard to justify their retail price. And then, oh Lord, I found the craft section.

The craft section was the most picked over, oddly enough. My guess is that the inventory was already slim for Crafts compared to more mainstream Fiction and Biography sections. But there were still plenty of books to lose myself in. I picked up some fantastic technique books for felt fabric and wool felting, and a softies book I’ve had my eye on. I also scored a paper doll book by the amazing Black Apple.

One of my favorite observations from today’s visit is how much this stack of books defines me right now. The only thing missing is maybe the Wild Table cookbook I put back. But you have a nice summary of a SciFi-Fantasy girl who loves quirky interpretations of crafts and appreciates her Southern upbringing. A good day 🙂


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