Tomato Tomato

My heirloom tomatoes have finally decided to burst into the world of technicolor. During the second week of August.

Of course I picked one or two that were still green on top. I couldn’t stand the thought of a critter stealing the fruits of my labor while I was away in Asheville!

While all of my friends bragged about their red beauties, complained about copious amounts of tomato sandwiches and salads and sauces, I waited patiently, tending to any sign of pests, checking each day for any hint of color. Then suddenly, as if waiting until I wasn’t looking, five giant beauties turned a lovely shade of rose. I didn’t know what I would be getting since the seedlings came from a friend. They are delicious, meaty goodness with very little runny seed-juice. The perfect tomato for slicing, roasting, saucing. I’m so very happy about them!

Visions of tomato pie are dancing in my head…

Tomato Tomato

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