Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand

Locally sourced, super cute graphics, antibiotic-free sausage…what’s not to love? “I wanted to love this place” is the oft quoted line for this situation. I wasn’t in love with Delia’s.

We finally stopped by the Moreland Ave. joint on the way home from work one evening. The menu is simple, but with some complex layers. Slingers, sliders, or eggs form the base while intricate combinations of toppings, sauces and slaws make decisions difficult. Being our first time, we had to go for the slingers (hotdogs). I opted for the The Shredder while my dining companion ordered The Hot Mess.

The food was pretty, and tasty, and the ingredients were clearly thoughtful. But it was just…awkward. The sausage, bread and slaw together were too much for a gal to bite into. It was a mess by the time I got two bites in. Everything blended together into one condimenty taste and I don’t think I ever got a bite of everything together. It was either bread and slaw or bread and sausage, depending on which part you were attempting to hold in place for the bite. We were both a little disappointed.

But! Let me tell you about this milkshake.

They literally took a red velvet cupcake and blended it into the milkshake. It was amazing. You remember your cousin’s seventh birthday party, when you were served cake and ice cream on the same paper plate? And the ice cream melted into the cake to make this heavenly, soppy dessert? It was like that. But better.

This milkshake validated the visit, and the frequent flavor changes demand a return. It was a lot of quality food for the price, and we definitely want to return for the sliders. But until they come up with slinger pups, I’ll avoid that part of the menu.

Read more about Delia’s: Delia's Chicken Sausage Stand on Urbanspoon

Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand

One thought on “Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand

  1. I love everything I’ve tried at Delia’s, but maybe that’s because I can unhinge my jaw like a snake and take a full bite of their slingers.

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