Charley the Owl

This is how the felty owl turned out for my niece’s first birthday! Let’s name him Charley.

I still have to sew the access hole shut. I’m totally putting it off because I’m not sure how to do it in a neat and pretty way. Google! This is my second felty (the first being the mini cake who’s whipped cream I sewed to the wrong side), and I think it turned out really great! I’m sure I’ll look back in another year, and hopefully many felties later, and say “wow that’s kinda sad,” but you have to start somewhere.

I went for the fully open embroidered eyes, instead of eyelids because he just looked a little stoned. No druggy owls for my sweet niece. I love how the little pink feathers turned out. Just the right touch of color to make him a little girlie.

My favorite part has to be the tail. It’s attached really well, as I hope my niece drags him around by it. 😀

Charley the Owl

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