Super Pan, Super People

I had the illustrious opportunity to lunch with the elusive Foodie Buddha this week, and it was even more awesome because we dined at Super Pan, the Latin sandwich shop behind, and spun off from, Pura Vida.

I ordered the Pork Belly Buns, which were reminiscent of asian bbq pork buns and bahn mi. The steamed coconut buns were fluffy and the pork was tender and well-complimented by the cabbage and cilantro toppings. At one point, the pork felt a little chunky for the size of the bread, but that’s not really a complaint.

Foodie Buddha, who was instantly likable and easy to talk to in his red Chucks, ordered the popular Medio Dia, a Cuban for all intents and purposes. The thing that made it special was the crackling pork skins layered between the ham and pork on pineapple bread. It was good. Of course I had some of his! Two foodies lunching? Food was traded.

The food was delectable, but other than the excuse to eat, there was an ulterior motive behind the meal. My foodie friend and former writing partner, Chris Boyles, started Piehole Blog a few weeks ago. I happily obliged in creating the masthead graphics, and Foodie Buddha took notice. I’ll be working on a brand for him in the coming weeks! I’m excited about the opportunity to help out a fellow foodie. Three cheers to good food!

Find more on Urban Spoon:  Super Pan on Urbanspoon

Super Pan, Super People

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