Stone Soup Kitchen

In search of an easy, cafe style lunch that got me out of the office, I ventured to Stone Soup Kitchen for the first time. It’s super cute inside, and has the air of a neighborhood eatery, which is further supported by their local/sustainable ingredients. The friendly staff was unpretentious and grab-and-go food offerings handsome. The menu was breakfast heavy, which is right up my alley, and vegan friendly if that’s your thing. I opted for the “Gringo Scramble” which featured tofu and cheese scrambled in eggs, topped with pico and avocado slices.

The eggs were fresh and tasty, and the avocado slices generous. I could have done with a little less of the firm tofu but it was certainly hearty enough to last the afternoon. My side of cheesy stone-ground grits was amazing, and the biscuit – oh the biscuit! It was huge, and wheaty looking. I thought “well this will be some fiber and I’ll probably only eat a little of it.” I ate the entire thing. I cleaned my plate with it. It was so good! It was crossing the border into roll territory. Flavorful, tender, and the right cross between flaky and moist – not too much of either. I can just imagine this bread hugging an egg and cheese in the morning with a drink of tea or hot chocolate.

And guess what? I have a carrot cake cupcake (carrot cupcake?) to look forward to later this afternoon. You know, when the biscuit wears off…

More info here: Stone Soup Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Stone Soup Kitchen

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