The Hil

On a recent brunch adventure, I visited Serenbe’s The Hil, a farm-to-table restaurant in the Chattahoochee Hills country (Palmetto to us natives), that has a great PR backing by the likes of Southern Living and Garden and Gun. This destination has been on my list for some time, but committing to the hour drive has been a struggle. It was worth the drive.

Aside from a little patronizing from the waitress over basic culinary vocabulary, the service was excellent and the food was wonderful. See for yourself:

My dining partner ordered the crab fritter sandwich on special, and after hearing another companion add a fried egg onto the sandwich, requested the same. Holy Moses. The house-made bread was light and chewy. The crab fritter dense with quality crab meat. The egg cooked to a slightly messy goodness. And the fries heavenly. I’m sure they were double fried. The crisp yet tacky texture was addictive.

For my own less ambitious order, I chose the Pimento Cheese and Fried Egg sandwich with apple wood smoked bacon. The house-made pimento cheese was rich, tangy and complimented the fresh egg beautifully. I was glad for the crunch of the fries to break up the smoothness of the sandwich though. And an occasional sip from my gourmet cherry soda was a refreshing and nostalgic addition (although I fancied my friend’s orange cream more).
Other dishes at the table included the fried chicken sandwich, complete with fried egg addition (no one was on a diet this morning), cinnamon rolls, and huge slices of blueberry pie, expertly cut right in front of us. Overall The Hil gets a big thumbs up. I love that many of the menu items come right from the Serenbe farm and other local food makers. The setting at Serenbe couldn’t have been nicer and made the drive well worth it. If you hit them up for Saturday brunch, you can even peruse the Farmers and Artists Market. I see a crab fritter sandwich of my own in my near future…

More info here: The Hil at Serenbe on Urbanspoon

The Hil

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