Ashlyn’s Owl

I realized recently that I’m staring down the barrel of my niece, Ashlyn’s, first birthday. Six weeks is just enough time to make something with my busy schedule. Her party theme is “Whooo’s 1?” with these cute owls and pink graphic leaves. I love owls and am so happy they’re trendy right now because they’re everywhere. I painted a growth chart for her big sister’s first birthday, and plan to do the same for Ashlyn, using the owls as a starting point.

I also wanted to make her a felty owl since sewing is a new hobby for me and I’m currently in that obsessed phase. I referenced several patterns and other critters, and finally just started cutting felt. In addition to the sweet pink felt feathers, I want to embellish him (her?) with embroidery. I just hope I don’t skip a step or sew something on backwards, which I’ve done more than I care to admit. Stay tuned for progress updates!



Ashlyn’s Owl

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